Synthetic Grass Business – Leveraging the Franchisor’s History


When investigating a new business venture, including a synthetic grass business, there are numerous items to look into. One in particular is how the Franchisor's history will benefit you and your new business.  IntelliTurf is a design, distribution and installation platform where we service many parts of our communities.  While it is true that we [...]

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Why is burn rate important for both a start up and mature businesses?


One focus of any business investigation, especially a synthetic grass franchise business, should obviously be the economics of the business.  In franchising this is called unit economics.  What are the economics of an individual location, from all the start up expenses, rent, insurance and any ongoing costs to the potential revenue which leads you to [...]

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Senior Housing Press Release


For almost two decades synthetic turf products– basically special cloned fibers of green carpet – have been utilized by both single and multi-family builders who are steadfast in their beliefs there is unlimited future market growth for multi-uses of these ever-growing popular cost-efficient landscape materials, And the booming senior housing industry is onboard as well. [...]

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The Value of a Synthetic Grass Franchise


Many companies are realizing the incredible wave that is sweeping across America and the world for that matter, the synthetic turf revolution. Advances in fibers and backings and even 100% recyclable turf have taken many parts of the country by storm. IntelliTurf Franchise, Inc. based in Atlanta, Georgia does just that with its 100% recyclable [...]

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IntelliTurf Creates New Presence Out West


IntelliTurf, Inc., synthetic putting greens, lawn systems and play areas, with business roots that date back to 1998, is now open for business out west. Park City, UT (PRWeb) January 17, 2008 -- Lars Skylling an entrepreneur and avid golfer wants to help the people of Park City and Salt Lake as well as everyone [...]

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